Culver City Edition

Culver City schools to get new playground equipment

CULVER CITY — The Culver City Unified School District is closing all of its elementary school playgrounds to begin repairing old, outdated equipment.

A district statement on the repair plans said that rather than beginning short term and costly repairs that also would have impacted the use of the equipment, the district decided to begin comprehensive replacements plans immediately.

For much of the year, the district had been developing plans for new playground structures while also evaluating the condition of equipment and playground surfaces.

The district has sought input from parents and students about what type of playground equipment was most suitable for students.

No timetable was given by district officials for the playground work.

All play equipment at El Marino, Farragut, La Ballona, El Rincon and Linwood Howe schools will be fenced off to prevent students from getting hurt on the equipment. The swing structure at the Office of Child Development also will close.

District officials will be meeting with the playground structure provider and its construction team to develop a timetable for the project. Funds for the new equipment will come from the Measure CC bond issue approved by local voters in June 2014.

Individual schools will develop plans for physical activity for students while the playground equipment is fenced off to ensure students are active during recess and lunchtime.

District officials said they hope to have new playground equipment installed and ready for use by the spring, but warn that it will take at least six weeks for the equipment provider to make and install new equipment.