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Daily Briefing: December 6, 2019,


A natural hair anti-discrimination bill has been introduced in Congress by Sen. Cory Booker, D-New Jersey. 

The so-called CROWN Act (Create a Respectful and Open World for Natural Hair) “would ban discrimination based on hair textures and hairstyles that are commonly associated with a particular race or natural origin.” 

The CROWN Act passed in California early this year, and it specifically protects Black hairstyles, including dreadlocks, cornrows, braids, Bantu knots and Afros. 

Source: The Root, Blavity


Wide receiver Jordan Veasy has joined the Washington Redskins’ practice squad after participating in Colin Kaepernick’s NFL workout. 

Veasy told the Washington Post that his participation in Kaepernick’s Nov. 16 workout helped him get signed by the team. 

Before the workout, Veasy played for the California Golden Bears, where he met Kaepernick, and also played for various NFL teams. Kaepernick still remains unsigned. 

Source: The Root, Complex


A new study shows that police brutality can have an effect on unborn black babies. 

The study by Harvard sociologist Joscha Legewie was published Dec. 4 in the journal Science Advances. Legewie found that babies born to pregnant women who lived near the site of a killing of an officer-involved killing had significantly lower birth weights than those who did not live near police shootings. 

Legewie also found that the same effect was not found when white of non-black Latinx people died from police shootings. 

Source: The Root, LA Times