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Daily Briefing, November 19, 2019


Protests have erupted at an Alabama high school after a group chat between teachers gossiping about students was revealed. 

In the group chat, titled “Bad A B’s,” teachers at Ashford High School allegedly used explicit language and a racial slur, and also discussed a student possibly being pregnant. It’s reported that a student leaked the group chat after discovering it while borrowing a teacher’s phone during school hours. 

Parents and students are demanding for more of the group chat to be made public, and for the teachers responsible to be sanctioned. 

Source: Blavity, BET


Just one week after launching, thousands of Disney+ users are claiming that their accounts have been hacked. 

Many customers are complaining that their login credentials have been changed by third parties, and information for many accounts is being sold on hacking forums. Disney released a statement saying there’s “no indication of a security breach.” 

Disney+ launched on Nov. 12, and it was previously reported that 10 million people had signed up for the streaming service the first week. 

Source: BBC News, CNN


Friends and admirers of Prince attended a tribute concert Nov. 18 at the Town Hall in New York. 

The event celebrated the release of his memoir, “The Beautiful Ones,”and included a performance by the New Power Generation. Speakers included Spike Lee and Dan Piepenbring, the co-author of the book.

Prince began his memoir in January 2016, writing 30 pages that formed the basis of the book. The book also includes rare photos, handwritten lyrics, and an early outline of the script for “Purple Rain.” 

Source: The Root, The Root


According to a recent heart disease study, invasive surgery for preventing heart disease is no more effective than medication and lifestyle changes. 

For the trial, researchers studied more than 5,000 patients with stable heart blockages and found that a stent didn’t lower their risk of heart attack or heart failure any more than medication and making lifestyle changes.

The study was presented at the American Heart Association’s annual conference, by researchers at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine and Stanford University. 

Source: CBS News, CNN