Opinion Street Beat

“Despite Colin Kaepernick, should Jay-Z partner with the NFL?’


Tobias Tubbs


“Jay-Z and … men and women who’ve reached that level of professional and social greatness … should only partner with the NFL if they’re doing the work of our people and our people alone.

Tay Colley

Los Angeles 

“He should because it’s a good look and it’s a big move.”

Anita Johnson

Los Angeles 

“I think he should. I think it’s for the good of Kaepernick. I think he’s going to help him.”

Troy Murphy Jr.

Culver City 

“I believe that Jay-Z should partner with the NFL. I think it’s a good idea from a business standpoint especially. It’s a great look for him.”

Kathy Guyton

Leimert Park 

“If Jay-Z gets some modifications and additions to a contract with them. And if they do stuff benefiting the community, youth programs, then yes. Unfortunately, people are going to watch football or not. And if he does something in addition to add to Colin’s protest it will be good and promoting what Colin is standing up for. 

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in Baldwin Village.