Opinion Street Beat

Do you think the government should ban vaping?


Christelle Bamezon


“I don’t think they should have control over that. A lot of people need to have control over themselves. It should be controlled, not banned.”

Huns Lee

Los Angeles

“No. If they do, they need to ban cigarettes, too.”

Jason Young

Los Angeles 

“Absolutely. With the recent deaths, and it’s something you inhale, like cigarettes that can easily effect your health in the long term. It’s something the government should look into banning.”

Talya Holland


“I think so because it attracts a lot of kids and that’s not good.” 

Marcy Larios

Los Angeles 

“I think they should because we don’t need all those deaths with little kids. It’s really irresponsible and sad to hear.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in Koreatown.