Opinion Street Beat

‘Do you think the protests will have a lasting effect?’


Andy Johnson

Culver City

“I think it will for sure. It was very powerful and you’ve got multi-racial people who are participating and the need is so great.” 

Bruce Johnson


“I think it has the potential. Many times, as we’ve seen in the past, you get an uproar in the community, then [it] eventually it dies down and goes back to normal.”

Joshua Taylor


“I think so because the protests have been going on for a while. Lots of different people from all over the country have joined in the marches. It’s more powerful now and I think things are going to change.” 

Kayla Burchard


“I hope so.  We’ve been here before, but now it seems more like a worldwide movement. We just can’t keep rinse and repeat till the next time.”

Compiled by Cynthia Gibson at the Pines Townhomes in Culver City.