Opinion Street Beat

“Does rent control help reduce the chance of homelessness?”


Pastor Victor Cyrus-Franklin


“Absolutely. Displacement is real. Many of our families are seniors on fixed income, folks with children. They aren’t able to pay the rent and there is nowhere else for them to move and they end up on the streets.” 

Chike Nweke


“The problem with rent control is that it dries up housing supply. … When you impose rent control, you are saying market prices do not control the price of rent anymore and that has a way of drying up new housing.”

Julia Wallace


“Rent control is important to reduce homelessness because that protects tenants from being gouged exorbitant rent prices. … It’s not a coincidence that as rent rates go up, homelessness also goes up.”

Estefany Castaneda


“Rent control is an opportunity for those already feeling the housing insecurity from the city to have at least one way in which they can peacefully sleep at night and know that they’ll have a house to live in for at least another year.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at Inglewood City Hall.