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Dog rescued from river gets new home

LINCOLN HEIGHTS — A dog rescued from the Los Angeles River during an unexpected, quick-moving storm has been adopted by the woman who spotted him in the water and called for help.

The 18-pound Welch Corgi mixed breed — dubbed “Lucky” by the firefighters who rescued him — had no microchip implant and bore no identifying tag when he was plucked from the river Jan. 30, said Jan Selder, director of field operations for the Los Angeles Department of Animal Services. His owner never claimed him.

“Lucky was adopted [Feb. 5] by Rachel Dalby … the person who saw Lucky in the river and called for help,” Selder said.

“She and Lucky have bonded over the last few days,” Selder said. “She came to the shelter every day to visit him, and this morning was a very happy ending to Lucky’s story.”

The dog, about 6 years old, was plucked from the water by a paramedic/firefighter who was lowered into the rain-swollen river near the Cahuenga Pass by a fire department helicopter Jan. 30.

Since then, Lucky had been held at the North Central animal shelter here, Selder said.

“It was just a sleepless night, tossing and turning, just very excited,” Dalby said after picking up Lucky at the shelter. “Just sort of waiting for the time to come to get in the car and head down here.”

Dalby said she had no doubts that she wanted to adopt the dog.

“When I saw him in the water, instantly I wanted to take him home. That was it,” she said.

Selder said she hopes people will see Dalby’s story and be encouraged to adopt other shelter animals.

“We have over 250 other dogs at North Central [shelter] we are trying to find homes for too,” Selder said.

Anyone interested in adopting a dog can call the Department of Animal Services at (888) 452-7381. More information about the department is available at www.laanimalservices.com.