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Dotson wins council seat in Inglewood

INGLEWOOD — George Dotson easily defeated three challengers for his District 1 seat on the City Council in voting April 4 and Dionne Faulk was elected to the Inglewood school board.

In a dismal turnout in which less than 5 percent of the city’s voters cast ballots, Dotson received 934 votes, according to unofficial figures, to easily defeat Maxine Toler, who had 371 votes.

Leroy Fisher was a distant third with 94 votes, followed by Hugo Ramirez, who had 22 votes.

Incumbent Alex Padilla was unopposed in Council District 2 and was re-elected with 638 votes.

Dionne Faulk

In the school board race, Faulk received 1,977 to defeat Odest Riley Jr. in school board Seat 1. Riley received 1,013 votes.

Seat 1 incumbent Margaret Richards-Bowers did not seek re-election.

Incumbents Carliss McGhee in Seat 2 and Melody Ngaue-Tu’uholoaki in Seat 3 were unopposed and re-elected. Both received more than 2,400 votes.

Also on the ballot was Measure DE, a measure placed on the ballot by the City Council at the request of the school board.

It won by more than 400 votes, 1,654 to 1,247.

Under Measure DE, the school board can determine how its members are elected in the future.

It could be by individual districts, in which the school district would be divided into five individual districts. Candidates would have to run in the district they resided in and only voters living in that district could vote for them.

The Los Angeles Unified School District’s school board is elected in this manner.