Community Opinion Street Beat West Edition

‘Has MLK’s dream for equality for all been realized yet?’


Lisa Jackson


“No, we’re going backwards. Look who’s in the White House now. It seems like Jim Crow is being reinstated. The more we protest and fight for equality, the worse it gets for us.” 

Damian McCully

Los Angeles 

“Certainly not. However, there have been strides made from the time of Dr. King’s  assassination to today. But as far as the dream that he had, I can’t say that it has materialized in many ways.”

Alinda Maiden

Los Angeles 

“It has been reached but we have more a lot more work to do. Being in the Crenshaw neighborhood for 50 years, I’ve seen the changes but we still have a lot of work to do.”

Omaka Moore

Los Angeles 

“I believe it’s been realized and I believe the dream will live long and today we’re celebrating. Multi-culturalism is alive and people are together.” 

Carol Allen 

Rancho Cucamonga

“No, not for all, and not for many. It took a long time for things to happen. It’s better than it was in my day. And I hope for my great-granddaughter, who is 6 years old, it will be better for her and her future daughter.” 

Eric Walker

Los Angeles 

“It has. A lot of the positive growth over the recent years cannot be taken away from that. His legacy of love and humanity for one another still exist.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon along the Kingdom Day Parade Route Jan. 21.