Opinion Street Beat

‘Have you dealt with a rent increase in the past year?’


Rakira Pearson


“Not me. My sister, her rent is raised every year. When she first moved to her apartments it was $700. She’s been there three years now, and now it’s almost at $1,000.”

Alan Jamil

Baldwin Hills

“The rent increases have forced me out. … I’ve been here five years. It forced me out of Hollywood into kind of where I stay now, in the Crenshaw/Baldwin Hills area.”

L.A. Juan

Manchester Square

“I think we’ve had more than one, actually. The rent has gone up tremendously, not just in the last year. It’s like every year it’s gone up tremendously.”

Cory Jackson

 Los Angeles

“I’ve recently had my rent increased by $100 [for my place] in Ladera Heights. I feel that it’s just gonna get worse with the rent increasing due to the stadium cost in Inglewood.”

Compiled by Quinci Legardye at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.