Opinion Street Beat

‘Have you ever been wrongfully pulled over by LAPD?’


Rae Brown


“Yes. They felt the need to pull me over because they said I matched the description of someone they were looking for.”

Chidale James


“Yes. My friend was driving and they pulled him over due to suspicion whether the car was his.” 

Leroy Smith


“I have had experiences with wrongful stop and frisk. Police … use the excuse of fear but what do they have to fear when they can kill anyone?”

Korey Kavanaugh


“Not quite because I don’t drive. My opinion is there is a lot of pressure in society on LAPD to get a quota or make money for the city. They’re willing to do whatever they can. Sometimes, they do it wrongfully.”

Jade Stryzinski


“I haven’t but I think it’s disrespectful.”

Selena Solis

El Paso 

“Thank goodness, no.”

Tracy Wilson


“I haven’t, but my friends have told me stories about being harassed and discriminated against. I’ve been all around the world and haven’t experienced police brutality or systemic behavior other than the USA.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in downtown Los Angeles.