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HOOP SCOOP: History in the making

The Golden State Warriors have been breaking records and making history these entire playoffs. That has continued in the NBA Finals against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They started by entering game 1 of the NBA Finals with a 12-0 playoff record, which had never been done in NBA history.

In game 1, superstar Kevin Durant dropped 38 points as the Warriors went on to rout the Cavs. Durant drove through the lane untouched for astounding dunks and when the Cavs finally decided to try and stop him from bursting through the lane, he dished it off to his superstar teammate, Stephen Curry, who is the greatest shooter of all time.

Durant did it all on defense as well as on offense. He blocked shots and hit shots from long range, too. In addition to his 38 points, he had eight rebounds and eight assists to lead the Warriors past LeBron James and the Cavaliers in a 113-91 win.

His counterpart, Curry, finished the game with 28 points with six 3 pointers and 10 assists. The Warriors won game 1 by 22 points even though two of their star players, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green, were not efficient on the offensive side of the ball. The defensive side is where they both shined.

Green was in foul trouble and still managed to make sure his presence was felt. He was the heart of the team, displaying his emotion to get everyone fired up and locked in.

Steve Kerr got a front row seat for the show in game 2, elated to be back on the bench witnessing the signature moments he’s seen so often.

The Warriors blew the Cavaliers out again but instead of the margin being a 22-point deficit; it was a 10-point deficit. The game started like game 1.

It was a close game until late in the third quarter when the Warriors went off. The Warriors blew out the Cavs with the final score of 132-113. Curry recorded the first triple double of his playoff career, with 32 points, 11 assists and 10 rebounds.

His tag team partner Durant, wasn’t too shabby himself with 33 points, 13 rebounds, six assists and five blocks and suddenly on the cusp of his first ring.

The talk of the game came when Curry had James running after him like a kid playing tag. Curry dribbled every which way and ran a circle around James, then drove to the basket through the paint and beat him to the rim for a right-handed layup over the star’s outstretched arm in a move reminiscent of his recent MVP magic.

Whether James was gassed and didn’t have much energy at that point, it didn’t matter. Curry had to feel good about it after having the star block a layup attempt in last year’s finals.

Then came game 3, the game we all had been waiting to see the entire series. The close, competitive, down to the wire game we envisioned these finals to be.

Half of the tag team, Curry, started the game kind of slow, but Thompson continued his offensive run from game 2 by making his first four shots. Durant also helped the Warriors stay in the game as the Cavs came out on fire with their outside shots.

The Cavs finally began to get help from other players besides James, Kyrie Irving or Kevin Love. J.R. Smith made his first four shots and they all were three pointers. With all the back and forth, the Warriors trailed by six points with three minutes left in the game before Durant ripped the soul out of all the Cavs players and fans.

He ended the game with 31 points, scoring 14 in the fourth quarter but it was the three-pointer he made with 45 seconds left in the game that put the Warriors back up by one and took the life out of the Cavaliers.

Durant saw the opening for the shot when he saw James in front of the arc giving him the space to drill the three. Andre Iguodala got revenge when he made the block on James as he attempted a game-tying three.

Thompson ended with 30 points and Curry had 26 to seal the win. They now have the most consecutive playoffs wins in history and are on the verge of being the first team in NBA history to sweep their way through the playoffs.

Shaquita Newton is a sports blogger. She can be reached