Opinion Street Beat

‘How can we reduce police brutality against African Americans?’


Adrian Dove

Leimert Park 

“We need to create federal and state agencies to eliminate mass incarceration and abuse of police authority nationwide.”

Nassali Kiggundu

Leimert Park 

“By police officers being convicted for their crimes, for them wrongfully using force like shooting instead of [using] a taser or a baton.”

Jeffalyn Giles

Los Angeles 

“Not becoming emotional and just being quiet and looking at them. Patience does come to us and shows us how to act, not react. They look for us to react emotionally and be calm.”

Regina Kimbell

Leimert Park 

“I just saw a police officer. He spoke and I spoke and we saw each other. We need to see each other for who we are, see the truth in each other. … If we can somehow get past everything … and see each other for who we are that’s a good start.”

Rev. Baba Eziokwu Washington

Los Angeles 

“This is not just a local issue, it is a national issue. We are still waiting calmly for things to change. … We have to get involved politically and make a political demand … to bring balance to an unbalanced system.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in Leimert Park Village.