Opinion Street Beat

‘How can we stop blacks from killing each other?’


Kijan Carter

Los Angeles 

“We have to reunite with each other. It’s the only way we’re going to come together, is to reunite.”

Darryl Slaughter


“We got to have events every month and bring people together and be on some positive stuff, but we got to get people together to even be positive. If we don’t get nobody together, it’ll be the same stuff.”

Jennifer Jones

West Adams 

“Loving more and being more supportive of each other and stop the hate.”

Christopher Jordan

Memphis, Tennessee 

“More gun control, more jobs in the communities, more mentors, more father figures, … more boys and girls clubs, just more things in black communities.”

Tyler Patton

South Los Angeles

“We need to join together as a community and see that we have ourselves, because no one else really has our back. We need to stop trying to compete against each other and see that once we come together as one we’ll be unstoppable.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in Baldwin Village.