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Huntington Park moves council meetings to Tuesdays

HUNTINGTON PARK — After informally agreeing in July to change their meeting days from the first and third Mondays of the month to the first and third Tuesdays, the City Council formally approved the change Aug. 17.

City Clerk Donna Schwartz said the ordinance change takes place 30 days after final approval, setting the first official Tuesday meeting on Oct. 6.

However, because of Labor Day Sept. 7, the council will meet Sept. 8, then again Sept. 21 before the ordinance takes effect, Schwartz said.

In earlier comments Assistant City Manager Edgar Cisneros said staff recommended the change to help ease the workload. Because City Hall is closed on Fridays, staff often has to work overtime on Thursdays before a meeting to prepare the agenda, he said.

He noted that with many holidays falling on a Monday, the council often has had to move its meetings to a Tuesday night.

“I think it’s a great idea,” Mayor Karina Macias said July 20.

Vice Mayor Graciela Ortiz said the change would give her an added day to review the agenda before a meeting.