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Inglewood bans commercial marijuana sales

INGLEWOOD — The City Council confirmed an earlier decision to ban the commercial sales of marijuana in the city following a public hearing Sept. 26 at City Hall.

A discussion about the proposed zoning code amendment 2017-01 was conducted Aug. 3 hearing, and the final ordinance regarding this statement was made public.

The announcement was met with support from members of the community.

“I speak today in support and appreciation of the city’s decision to modify the marijuana-cannibis regulations and the commercial production of marijuana,” said Inglewood resident Tracy Saruwatari, a community organizer for the Asian American Drug Abuse Program. “I feel that it is important to consider the youth and young children in reducing harm based on these regulations.”

Saruwatari and one of her colleagues from the program spoke about the negative impact that marijuana has had on the youth in states where commercialized marijuana is legal.

The council did not explicitly disclose that these modifications were made out of concern for the youth.

Senior Economic and Community Development Manager Christopher E. Jackson presented the staff report, which called for prohibiting all commercialized dispensing of marijuana in the city.

“The city looks to maintain the medical use, but all commercial dispensing and transport in all zones are prohibited,” Jackson said.

Under the amendment, Jackson said the word marijuana was being replaced by “cannabis.”

The amendment upholds special use and dispensing of cannabis under special permit and can be legally sold in hospitals and hospice facilities approved by medical specialists.

The adult use of marijuana under the 2016 Marijuana Act allows personal and recreational use of marijuana up to 28.5 grams for recreational use with regulatory cultivation of up to six plants on a residential property. This regulation will be maintained and upheld as well by state law.

Proposition 64, which was approved by statewide voters last November, prohibits the smoking and ingesting of marijuana in a public space or while driving a motor vehicle and prohibits smoking marijuana within 1,000 feet of schools or youth centers where children are present.

Under Proposition 64, the state will begin licensing commercial cannabis production in 2018.