Community Opinion Street Beat West Edition

‘Is there progress being made in the homeless crisis?’

Quiara Wallace

Los Angeles 

“I’m homeless and going through it right now. There needs to be more funding, support and help.”

Jeremiah Lyles

Los Angeles 

“No, more homeless are appearing. My church and I regularly service the homeless in Skid Row. Homeless are appearing more in Hollywood, too.” 

Jabari Spencer

Los Angeles 

“Not that I’ve seen, I’ve seen a lot of people get pushed out of the neighborhood. There needs something set in place for them to do. Many have mental issues or are down on their luck.” 

Sheila Brown

Los Angeles 

“I believe very little progress is being made. … There are a lot of opportunities being missed where the homeless could become self-sufficient with the city’s help.” 

Compiled by Kristina Dixon at the Baldwin Hills Crenshaw Plaza.