Knock-Knock Burglars Spotted in Rancho Palos Verdes

Two knock-knock burglars have struck in Los Angeles and are targeting Rancho Palos Verdes homes, according to Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Lomita Station.

Luckily, surveillance footage caught tape of a woman wearing yoga pants and flip flops as she knocked on doors where burglaries took place over the weekend. Deputies are currently searching for a woman who matches this description.

Another person was caught on tape, sitting in a getaway car. The vehicle is described as a blue Nissan Altima, with paper plates from Gardena Nissan.

The burglary in question in the 30600 block Palos Verdes Drive East took place between 1 p.m. and 2 p.m.

Dan Beringer, of the Lomita Sheriff Station, said, “This method of operation is similar to ‘Knock Knock Series Burglaries,’ we have experienced throughout Southern California.”

The woman who was caught on camera is described as black, in her early twenties, with long dark hair, and wearing a black shirt, black jacket, black yoga pants, and black flip flops.

Homeowner Judy Sannes, whose doorbell the woman rang, said “It was such a sweet safe neighborhood — now I’m afraid.” Several neighbors also reported getting knocks on their door. The burglars broke into one house, where no one was at home, stealing jewelry and cash.

Low-tech burglaries like these could be prevented by security measures such as alarm systems and other security measures. Indeed, even during unplanned and impulsive burglaries, more than half of intruders said that they wouldn’t continue if they discovered that an alarm system was in place.

Anyone who has or receives any information about these burglars is asked to call (310) 891-3213.