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Leimert Park businesswoman says thanks with a free meal

LEIMERT PARK — For the 10th time, the owner of a Leimert Park business said thank you to the community that supports her business with a Thanksgiving community meal Nov. 24.

Aminah Muhammad and her team from Queen Aminah’s Clothing and The Sisters Marketplace held her annual Giving Back to the Community event, serving up turkey, fish, greens, yams, rice, spaghetti and pasta salads, each plate was prepared with love.

“Four or five times a year we share food with the community,” Muhammad said. “We do it because there are a lot of homeless people and a lot of sisters and brothers are hungry. 

“We travel between Leimert Park, Skid Row and senior center homes. We give them the same quality food that we eat.” 

Aminah prepares around 50 plus meals for each event, sometimes spending three or four days cooking in advance of the event 

Student and soldier with the Nation of Islam Treneatra Muhammad served food and donated water. 

“Many people do not know who we are and what we stand for,” she said. “We are here to uplift our people and give a knowledge of themselves, their own kind, their God. We do this every Sunday at Mosque No. 27. We give breakfast, engage the communities and we help women with toiletries. That is what this is about.”

Aminah’s daughter Jalilah Muhammad, prepared the cabbage and string beans with her sister. 

She said, “This is a tradition for my mom. She loves to feed the community. She loves to give back to the community who has given so much to her. We do it big during Thanksgiving, Christmas and Ramadan.”

One of the people enjoying the meal was a saxophonist who gave only his first name, Greg.

“The food was very tasty and had nice seasonings. I liked that it didn’t have a bunch of salt and sugar,” he said.

With the changes taking place in Leimert Park, Aminah Muhammad is hopeful about her future. 

“We are showing our appreciation for supporting our family-owned business Queen Aminah’s Clothing and The Sisters Marketplace,” she said. “Our future is bright.”

By Kristina Dixon

Contributing Writer