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Leimert Village Studio hosts Black Wall Street Market

LEIMERT PARK — Embodying the spirit of economics, black business owners and shoppers came together to recycle their black dollars Feb. 28 as Leimert Village Studio celebrated Black History Month with Black Wall Street Market.

Jay Foster, owner of the studio said, “Black Wall Street Market means unity, coming together as a people and helping each other grow. We rent the studio for community events, conferences, parties and filming. We’ll be promoting for more people come out to our events.”

Kalika G. of Through the Grace of Shea, said “All of my products are made with love. I’m from this community. I support other vendors and I want the community to know about my business. My friends made it out today.” 

Said Foster’s business partner, Travyan Gray: “One of the vendors is my childhood friend’s wife, Teka B. of Dough She Didn’t baked goods.

Twisted Headwraps owner Gina Dorsey of Chicago made her debut. Her hand-made headwraps sale for between $25 and $35.

Jermaine Alexander, a shopper from Koreatown said, “I’m conscious about where I spend my money. I’m looking for black businesses and what they’re doing. It’s nice to see our people creating and making money from it.”

“I felt good performing for familiar faces and my supporters,” said Kenyan Afropop singer and songwriter Nahsha.

Black Wall Street Market was curated by RBG Connect owner, Heru Perry, who previously held the event in downtown Los Angeles. He said that site lacked a cultural connection. 

“It’s not easy to have events in Leimert Park,” he said. “Pricing, timing and availability are crucial. We have to get people involved to patronize the events. Black History Month is big in Leimert Park.”

Some vendors and musicians include the BM Collection, Compton Vegan and Kailiah. 

“Music brings people together,” said hip-hop artist Promise from Inglewood. “I bring fun and conscious music to events. Us working together is what creates Leimert Park.” 

By Kristina Dixon

Contributing Writer