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Los Angeles works to attract NFL teams

The Carson City Council has unanimously approved the construction of a new NFL stadium, in an attempt to bring the Chargers and the Raiders back to the Los Angeles area. While the council had considered putting the issue to public vote, they decided against it in hopes of expediting the construction process.

If the stadium is actually built, it will be home to two teams — the current Oakland Raiders and the current San Diego Chargers. Financial analysis has found that any stadium built in Los Angeles cannot be profitable without hosting multiple teams. The Chargers and Raiders are ideal tenants, as they were originally from Los Angeles, and each has their own barriers to stadium use in their current locations. The Oakland Coliseum hosts both the Raiders and the Oakland Athletics baseball team, in spite of growing electrical and sewage problems, while the Chargers have been warned by the NFL that they are running out of time to have stadium construction for San Diego approved.

The proposed Los Angeles stadium will be located near the San Diego (405) Freeway, and will seat over 70,000 fans. The land designated for stadium construction is an environmentally remediated former landfill, suggesting the need for landscaping post-construction. With over 401,473 landscaping businesses operating in the United States, the city of Carson should have no trouble finding someone whose vision works with the stadium’s planned appearance.

Artistic renderings of the new stadium show amenities like ample parking, open-air walkways, and columns that can showcase which team is playing with various media effects. Of course, the Carson Stadium isn’t the only football stadium in planning stages. Nearby, in Inglewood, the St. Louis Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke plans to fund an 80,000-seat stadium to possibly move his team, as well.

NFL rules state that to move into either stadium, the team in question must get support from 24 out of 32 league teams. The next opportunity to file for relocation will be January 2016.