Lynwood Press

Lynwood students tour City Hall

LYNWOOD —More than 100 third graders from Wilson Elementary School here took a tour of Lynwood City Hall May 12 to see firsthand how government works as part of their end-of-the-school-year lesson on government and the city’s history.

Led by several school teachers and city staff, the third graders got a chance to walk through the halls and offices of City Hall, met city employees and asked questions. Along with being treated to a PowerPoint presentation about the history of Lynwood, the students were escorted through Bateman Hall, the Recreation and Community Services Department, the Natatorium, where they learned about services the city offers.

“The kids loved it,” said Mark Flores, director of the city’s Recreation and Community Services Department. “It may have a lot to do with their age, but the kids were really into it, asked a lot of questions and were very enthusiastic about the tour. We were happy to accommodate the teachers’ request. The students asked some very good questions. It was a great experience for all of us.”

The request to bring the students to City Hall came from James T. Ricketts, a third-grade teacher at Wilson. He and a few other teachers have been teaching their students about the history of Lynwood.

This year, he and the other teachers thought it would be a great idea for their students to visit City Hall and see how their local government works.

“This was the best field trip ever,” Ricketts said. “We’ve been teaching about how World War I changed Lynwood, how the Great Earthquake changed Lynwood, but we also wanted the kids to learn about Lynwood and how far it has come.

“I have to say that we are in awe of how great the tour was. It was very well organized and the city’s staff was very attentive with the kids and their questions. They did an excellent job. I expected something brief, but our kids got the works and they learned so much. If they didn’t know what or where City Hall was before or what happens there, they know now.”