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NAJEE’S NOTES: A modeling agency for plus-sized people

Congratulations to Tania Capree, founder and CEO of Thixotix Modeling Troupe. Thixotix is a combination of the words thick, sexy, and exotic.

 It is the epitome of what all the models represent in this troupe. The models are all plus-size women and men of different races, ages and weight.

Capree celebrated her 10-year anniversary of producing her pre-Mother’s Day fashion show with Los Angeles’ first and only premiere performance modeling troupe exclusively dedicated to the curvy, voluptuous, full-figured, plus-size model.

The legendary rhythm and blues recording group the Whispers, whose founding members Wallace “Scotty” and Walter Scott are both from South L.A., served as the musical talent as hundreds of attendees enjoyed themselves May 11 at the Belasco Theatre in downtown Los Angeles,

In full disclosure, a fashion show is an event that’s not of a particular interest to me but this isn’t just a fashion show Capree is doing. It’s a cause that benefits groups such as Make a Wish Foundation, St. Jude Medical Center, Ronald McDonald House and Cancer Treatment Centers of America.

As a cancer survivor who has been in remission for two years, those causes are near and dear to my heart. I had to support Capree. The fact that plus-size models have the confidence to model and realize their beauty is important. God made us in all sizes and races.

So I commend all the models who are involved in Thixotix. On a personal note, I’ve only known Capree for a short period of time but she’s the epitome of style and grace. A combination of class, beauty and a savvy businesswoman who’s also a humanitarian. As someone who follows Capree on social media, I see her posts that speak of encouragement and are always positive. Our community is blessed to have her and should continue to support her visionary leadership.


Last week this writer was contacted by several former residents of South Los Angeles concerning a picture of a Palmdale school principal and several of her teachers holding a noose in the teacher breakroom. The picture was leaked to the media and other school parents and immediately went viral. 

I was asked to come to Palmdale to assist the parents with proper advocacy and agreed to assist them in a rally and press conference. The parents are calling for Summerwind Elementary School Principal Linda Brandts and several teachers to be fired after a photo surfaced showing them laughing, smiling and posing with a noose that was reportedly discovered on campus.

One photo showed the noose hanging up in an office and the other showed four teachers posed with the noose, laughing, smiling and pointing at it. Brandts allegedly is the person who took the photo.

At the press conference, which was held May 13 at Summerwind Elementary School, I stated that Palmdale School Superintendent Raul Maldonado must do more than just put Brandts and these teachers on administrative leave. This is a clear sign of racism and white nationalism that we as a society can’t ignore.

For Brandts and her staff members to pose with a noose makes mockery of our African-American ancestors who were lynched and murdered with a noose. To have them to continue teaching black and brown children is something we will not compromise on.

We demand that Maldonado fire Brandts and every teacher pictured with the noose. There are three things our white brothers and sisters can never do under any circumstances in trying to make a point. They cannot use blackface, they cannot use the N-word and they cannot use  a noose. That imagery is shameful and racist and makes mockery of the facts that thousands of my ancestors were lynched with a noose during slavery and post-slavery in America.

The townhall meeting was attended by more than 300 concerned parents, students and community leaders. The Palmdale school district officials indicated they would investigate this issue and their report and findings would be announced by the first week in June. Stay tuned for further updates.

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