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NAJEE’S NOTES: Advice for Election Day

By Najee Ali

Contributing Writer

Nov. 6 is Election Day. I have waited a long time for this day.

Ever since Donald Trump was elected president, I’ve dreamed that the Democratic Party could reclaim the House of Representatives on Election Day. I’m confident that if our community and minorities across the nation get out and vote, we can win the House and help guide our nation back to the right path.

On a local level, it appears that South L.A. residents seem to be fully engaged and I expect high voter turnout in our part of the city. Some of the major concerns for our community are several propositions on the ballot.

Longtime South L.A. community activist Damien Goodman, who is the lead organizer of the statewide campaign for Proposition 10, which has been the most talked about proposition citywide, has done a great job in articulating the message and why our community should be yes on 10.

I heard his presentation last week at the New Frontier Democratic Club and he simply destroyed his opponent who is no on Prop. 10. At the end of the day, as Goodman stated, yes on 10 isn’t perfect but it’s a great start to help solve the crisis a lot of us are in because the rent is too damn high.

And Goodman is right. Something needs to be done to solve the crisis of rent which continues to skyrocket statewide. I’ve decided to put together a list of candidates and propositions I will be personally supporting and voting for. My personal views do not mean that these are the candidates and propositions The Wave supports. I’m voting for:

Gov. Gavin Newsom (D), Secretary of State Alex Padilla (D), Controller Betty T. Yee (D), Treasurer Fiona Ma (D), Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D), Insurance Commissioner Ricardo Lara (D), U.S. Senator Kevin de Leon (D), U.S. Rep. District 37 Karen Bass (D), State Senator District 30 Holly J. Mitchell (D), Assembly District 54 Sydney K. Kamlager (D), Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Thurmond, Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva and Assembly member Maria Estrada District 63.

As for ballot measures:

Proposition 1 Yes. Creates affordable housing for vets, working families, disabled, seniors, homeless without raising taxes.

Proposition 2 Yes. Delivers housing with mental health services to alleviate chronic homelessness without raising taxes.

Proposition 4 Yes. Provides specialized care for 2 million seriously ill or injured kids a year.

Proposition 5 No. Takes up to $2 billion per year from schools and local services to give a tax advantage to wealthy property owners.

Proposition 6 No. Stops the attack on bridge and road safety.

Proposition 7 Yes. Saves lives and money by stopping dangerous time changes.

Proposition 8 Yes. Requires dialysis clinics to improve patient care, update equipment and provide safe and clean facilities.

Proposition 10 Yes. Empowers local communities to limit skyrocketing rents.

Proposition 11 No. California’s emergency providers are among the best-trained professionals in the nation. This initiative does not add significant levels of training beyond what is already being conducted. Prop. 11 is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

Proposition 12 Yes. Prevents cruelty to millions of farmed animals by prohibiting unhealthy, cruel and extreme confinement.

And after much thought and consideration along with at least an hour worth of conversation with political activist Dallas Fowler, I’m switching my endorsement and encouraging everyone to vote for Eleni Kounalakis, a California businesswoman and the former U.S. ambassador to Hungary under President Barack Obama, who has endorsed her. U.S. Senator Kamala Harris also has endorsed Kounalakis. But I don’t vote or endorse anyone I don’t know personally or haven’t met with. I’m looking forward to meeting with Kounalakis this weekend in South Los Angeles with other community leaders who also will be supporting her.

The hotly contested mayoral race in Inglewood between the incumbent James Butts and his challenger Marc Little is one of most vicious mudslinging campaigns I’ve seen in recent history. All I can say is I’m neutral. Vote your conscience, Inglewood residents.

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