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NAJEE’S NOTES: Black Lives Matter agitator given the boot

Black Lives Matter has finally gotten rid of controversial activist Jasmine Abdullah Richards, who made headlines across the city last year when she and other BLM activists stormed the stage and disrupted a community meeting at Holman United Methodist Church.

Richards interrupted Mayor Eric Garcetti who was speaking at the time, and then proceeded to confront the Rev. Kelvin Sauls and threatened him with physical violence in the pulpit of his church. Richards then proceeded to jump on the roof of Mayor Garcetti’s car as it was pulling away from the church.

After personally witnessing Richards’s actions, I realized she was either mentally unstable or the dumbest activist I have ever seen.

So BLM cutting ties with Richards is no surprise, but how on earth do you get kicked out of a hash-tag movement? Richards also became the focus of the national press when she was charged with “felony lynching” in a highly publicized incident in 2015.

Apparently she has been asked to disassociate herself from the Southern California Black Lives Matter movement and to stay away from their events.

In an letter allegedly from Black Lives Matter Los Angeles posted by Richards it states in part that “We have concluded that it is in the best interest of the chapter that we request some separation from you,” going on to list a number of conditions including that Richards “not attend or be involved in any BLM-LA or BLM-SoCal actions” and that she “immediately stop speaking on behalf of BLM- Los Angeles.”

The letter continued on to say that Black Lives Matter Los Angeles officials are reportedly “very troubled by some of your behavior that have been damaging to the chapter and the large movement. While we greatly value your stated desire to create positive change and contribute to the liberation of black people, we have concluded that it is in the best interest of the chapter that we request some separation from you.

“For more than a year and a half,” the letter continued, “we have attempted to work with you under an agreement among BLM-Long Beach, BLM-LA and BLM- Pasadena, following a violent episode with a BLM-Long Beach member at the first national convention in Detroit. You repeatedly violated agreements that were made and have committed numerous additional violations since.”

Black Lives Matters Los Angeles apparently formally requested that Richards: Not attend or be involved in any BLM-LA or BLM-SoCal actions or other activities, including attending LAPD Police Commission meetings; immediately stop speaking on behalf of BLM- Los Angeles; honor mothers of those killed by police by not bringing drama to them or burdening them with involvement in this conflict; cease making requests of BLM-LA, partners, and allies for financial support.

Richards who was previously homeless and is currently unemployed seemed to love the controversy she stirred up instead of trying to better herself. This writer personally tried to help her after her numerous arrests and she responded to me that she wanted my help.

Unfortunately she didn’t have the strength to help herself. That was obvious after one of her arrests she broke down publicly in tears. Veteran activists of the movement were in shock. Richards, who has had the audacity to threaten church pastors and fellow activists with violence, is suddenly crying like a baby?

I don’t ever recall female activists such as Angela Davis, Kathleen Cleaver, Fannie Lou Hamer or Maxine Waters ever crying about anything. They stayed fearless no matter what happened in the movement.  Richards was never meant for this life of dedication and sacrifice real activists have made and continue to do so. I’m not sure what Richards will do now that’s she has been kicked out of BLM, but no one in the movement really cares.

Great news from Los Angeles City Hall. Mayor Garcetti signed the Fair Chance Initiative this week.

In a statement, Garcetti said: “People who have served their time deserve an opportunity to provide for themselves and their loved ones, and rebuild their lives with integrity through hard work. That’s why I signed the Fair Chance Initiative this week. It’s an ordinance that restricts employers from asking a job applicant about criminal convictions until after a conditional offer of employment has been made.

“An estimated one in four adult Californians has an arrest or conviction record on file with the state, which creates significant employment barriers and while the California state recidivism rate is 65 percent, the recidivism rate of individuals placed in jobs shortly after release is estimated to range from 3 to 8 percent. This initiative opens up new opportunities for Angelenos who have been incarcerated — giving them a chance to redefine themselves and make positive contributions to our communities.”

Congratulations go out to Councilman Curren Price, who did the heavy lifting, and his colleagues for making this dream into a reality.

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