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NAJEE’S NOTES: Kaepernick took a stand by taking a knee

This is an open letter to all African-Americans who love NFL football more than their own people.

Colin Kaepernick took a stand for black women, children and men who were being killed unjustly by police nationwide and for all people of color. He gave up his plate. I didn’t hear him ask you to give up yours. Courage isn’t for everyone. I get that.

This is about police brutality and the blackballing of a man because he kneeled during the national anthem before football games to bring attention to the police murders of people of color.

Kaepernick put millions on the line and potentially sacrificed his career so people of color could live in peace, without the threat of state-sanctioned murder.

When the NFL or any corporation punishes a man for standing up against police brutality, then that means the company or corporation is in favor of and a supporter of police brutality.

So we can’t give our money to any business that doesn’t support black and brown lives and our issues.

What black people need to understand is Kaepernick is in a position like Rosa Parks faced in what helped give birth to the civil rights movement. The reality is this isn’t about Kaepernick.

This is about the unjust police murders of black people, racial profiling, police abuse and the violation of our civil rights that Kaepernick put into the national spotlight. This is about Ezell Ford, Tamir Rice, Sandra Bland, Michael Brown and Trayvon Martin. This is about Freddy Grey and corrupt cops planting evidence on black people.

This is about Oscar Grant and Fruitvale Station, this is about the NY Giants’ owner who said he was concerned about the backlash of signing Kaepernick. But you and I should be concerned about being the next Eric Garner.

The reality is that the National Action Network called for a boycott of the NFL not only over its refusal to sign Kaepernick, who is being treated like a runaway slave from the NFL plantation. Our call for a NFL boycott was made because of the league’s silence and the silencing of their players on the injustices and police killings committed against people of color.

That’s what this is about. That’s what it always has been about.

Kaepernick exposed the lies and hypocrisy of Americans who believe in free speech but only for white men. That’s why it’s time to draw a line in the sand.

Do you love the NFL and its racist owners? Or do you love black people more?

Kaepernick proved he loves his people. And is now being blackballed by the NFL.

Remember football is for a season. However, being black and brown is forever. I have made my choice. I won’t watch an NFL game this year.

Trayvon Martin, Sandra Bland, Philando Castile, Tyisha Miller, Ezell Ford, Sean Bell and countless other brothers and sisters killed unjustly won’t watch a game or anything else ever. So I’m with Kap.

That’s why the National Action Network is sending a message Sept. 10 from 11 a.m. to noon outside the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum that we can’t allow the NFL and the L.A. Rams to ignore us and carry on with business as usual. We plan on disrupting and carrying out acts of civil disobedience against the NFL, its blackballing of Kaepernick and the fact that they don’t care about black and brown lives.

Those that choose to support the NFL boycott will be on the right side of history. Those that choose to support the NFL (Negros for Lease) have chosen to support the NFL plantation and clearly love a game more than they love their own people.

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