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NAJEE’S NOTES: Nov. 8 is truly an important Election Day

Next week’s election for president of the United States is truly the most important election of my lifetime.

After eight years under President Barack Obama and our first lady Michelle, our nation has a chance to elect Hillary Clinton who will make history as our first woman president and will continue to keep America great. Or we can elect someone who is not qualified.

My choice and endorsement goes to Hillary Clinton. There are other races much closer to home with candidates and ballot propositions that deserve our attention and vote next week. This is a list of my personal choices that I will vote on next week and I encourage you to do so as well.

U.S. Senate, Kamala Harris; U.S.House of Representatives District 44, Isadore Hall; State Senate District 35, Steven Bradford; Board of Supervisors District 4, Janice Hahn.

YES on Proposition 51, which authorizes the state to borrow $9 billion in school bonds to fund construction and modernization projects at K-12 schools and community colleges.]

YES on 52, which requires voter approval of any changes to statewide hospital fee arrangements, making it more difficult for the Legislature to divert funds that are supposed to be spent on the Medi-Cal program.]

NO on 53, which requires voters across the state to approve any revenue bond that is larger than $2 billion for government projects, even when the project only affects a small locale.

YES on 54, which requires legislators to post legislation online for public review at least three days before a final vote, effectively prohibiting last-minute amendments to bills. Also expands the amount of live video coverage of Capitol proceedings.

YES on 55, which renews Proposition 30, which imposed 1 percent to 3 percent surtaxes on annual incomes above $250,000. This revenue will fund California schools and government healthcare.

YES on 56, which raises taxes on tobacco and electronic cigarette products that contain nicotine. This revenue will fund health care and tobacco-control programs.

YES on 57, which allows prisoners serving time for a nonviolent crime to request early release based on their effort to earn credits for education and good behavior while imprisoned

YES on 58, which repeals a law that banned bilingual education and allows county offices of education and school districts to decide whether a language-learning child must be taught only in English.

YES on 59, which asks legislators to repeal the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, a ruling that allowed entities to spend unlimited amounts on federal campaigns.]

YES on 60, which requires adult film stars to wear condoms during sex scenes.]

YES on 61, which bans state agencies from paying more for a prescription drug than the lowest price the U.S Department of Veterans Affairs pays for the same drug. This “price ceiling” will apply when the state is the purchaser and/or a state agency is the final source of payment.

YES on 62, which repeals the death penalty. If passed, people sentenced to the death penalty will be sentenced to life without parole.

YES on 63, which bans the sale and possession of large-capacity ammunition magazines in California. Imposes background checks for ammunition purchases, new felony charges for gun thefts, and rules for keeping guns out of the hands of felons and others disqualified from possessing firearms.

YES on 64, which legalizes the sale of marijuana and hemp to people over the age of 21. The tax revenue collected by state and local government will fund marijuana education programs.]

YES on 65. If Proposition 67 passes and a plastic bag ban is imposed in California, Proposition 65 will require grocers to send any fees they charge for paper or reusable bags to the government. This revenue will be used to fund environmental programs. Proposition 67 must pass for Proposition 65 to be effective.

YES on 66, which shortens the time limits within which a court must review the conviction of a person who is sentenced to death. This will accelerate the death penalty’s legal process.

YES on 67, which upholds a law that imposes a statewide plastic bag ban. Voting “No” overturns the law. Voting “Yes” ratifies the law (and results in a statewide ban on plastic bags).

YES on Prop. JJJ, which requires developers who want zoning changes to build some affordable housing and 30% of the construction workers have to be Angelenos who need the jobs most — including veterans.

YES on Prop HHH, which aims to create: $1.2 billion to build thousands of housing units, facilities for mental health and drug treatment and facilities for housing assistance and oversight and independent audits of funding.


E.J.Jackson, the founder of Jackson Limousine, died Nov. 1 of a massive heart attack. Our community is reeling and in a state of shock. Jackson was a major icon for us.

Not only was he a successful businessman and family man. He was best known for his philanthropy. For the last 34 years Jackson spearheaded an effort of donating food and turkeys every Thanksgiving for needy South L.A. families. Many of them would not have a decent holiday if it wasn’t for Jackson.

Statements of condolences have been extended by the most powerful figures in our city including Mayor Eric Garcetti, who summed up what many of us are feeling.

“E.J. Jackson’s kind and generous spirit was an inspiration. He was a role model to me and everyone in Los Angeles, and his charitable heart gave us a new understanding of the power of giving and the true meaning of community.

“The annual Thanksgiving giveaway that he founded in South L.A. is legendary: What began as help for a few Angelenos grew to 12,000 strong last year. And he did it because he understood that, in his words, ‘Nothing is more comforting than family enjoying a Thanksgiving meal together at home.’

“The holidays in L.A. won’t be the same without E.J. on the streets at sunrise, making sure everyone’s basket is full. He set a timeless example for us to follow, and we can honor his legacy by building on the tradition he started and committing ourselves every day to making a difference in the lives of our families, friends, and neighbors.”

Rest in Peace, E.J.Jackson who was not just my friend. He was a friend to the several thousands of families and community members he helped feed the last 34 years.


Community calendar The Motown legacy continues with the Friends of Fuller B. Gordy

Held as one of the most prestigious family-oriented charity events on the West Coast, the ninth annual Friends of Fuller Gordy “Strikefest” will take place Nov. 9.

The evening will bring together noted entertainment celebrities, politicians, prominent business leaders and Motown Alumni to celebrate the legacy of late Motown executive, Fuller B. Gordy, for a memorable night of competition bowling, exciting live entertainment, catered buffet, silent auction, and more.

Fuller Gordy, a Motown vice president and older brother of Motown founder Berry Gordy, was known throughout the entertainment industry as a caring humanitarian and mentor to many. In the early 1960s, Gordy also gained recognition as a successful bowler, becoming the first black bowler to be inducted into the Professional Bowlers Association.

As a tribute to his humanitarian and bowling legacies, Fuller’s daughter, a former Motown vice president, Iris Gordy and granddaughter, television and social media talk show host Karla Gordy Bristol, founded the Friends of Fuller (FOF) “Strikefest” in 2008.

Over the years the event has attracted individuals from the entertainment and political arena such as, The Supremes’ Mary Wilson, Sherrie Payne, Debbie Allen, Al Jarreau, Obba Babatunde, and Howard Hewitt.

Friends of Fuller B. Gordy is a charitable organization dedicated to honoring outstanding, yet unsung individuals and organizations, which assist those who educate and inspire youth and work to maintain the support systems that uplift the disadvantaged.

Being honored this year are Jenesse Center Inc. and Lifedriven Foundation Inc.

The ninth annual Friends of Fuller B. Gordy Strikefest will be held at Corbin Bowling Center, 19616 Ventura Blvd., Tarzana, from 6 to 10:30 p.m.

To attend, make advance purchase at the website:

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