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NAJEE’S NOTES: Social media spreads threats of violence

The hashtag #100days100nightsofkilling continues to be the talk of South L.A.

It was used by some South L.A. gang members on social media such as Instagram and Facebook as a threat of violence.

Many residents were unnerved because not only were they seeing the threats of violence for themselves on social media, some residents were shot and killed, fueling the spread of paranoia. That prompted some South L.A. pastors and community groups to spring into action with various anti-violence meetings and rallies.

Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti and Police Chief Charlie Beck even made a rip to Leimert Park to assure residents and business owners that the community would remain safe.

I know the mainstream media reported the mayor and chief visited South L.A., but Leimert Park isn’t in South L.A. It’s in the Crenshaw district. I’m sure many of us appreciate the Internet and social media, but when it’s used unwisely to spread boasts of violence and murder, it can be a danger.

Speaking of violence and murder, Canterbury Knolls residents and business owners were shocked at the brazen shooting of two young African-American men this past Sunday on Florence and Hobart avenues. They were shot in broad daylight by another young African-American man in front of children and community members.

One of the young men died at the scene and the other is in intensive care at a local hospital.

At an anti-violence vigil held Monday night in the victims’ honor, some family members, residents and community leaders were asking where is the Black Lives Matter group when it really matters.

We’ve had several African-Americans shot and killed recently in South L.A. by African-American gang members. Community gang intervention activists and clergy are stating publicly that they have never seen Black Lives Matter members involved in any peace marches, rallies or violence prevention meetings.

In fact, since they emerged on the scene in the last year their most publicized protest was the one they held outside of Mayor Garcetti’s residence demanding a meeting with him.

Community leaders such as Vicky Lindsey, CEO of Project Cry No More, a nonprofit victims advocacy group, said this week, “to my knowledge they have never participated in a show of support for African-American victims of violence and murder by gang members in our community.”

“If black lives really mattered to them, they would be helping to comfort the families and showing them support,” said Bishop K.Donnell Smith Sr. of Southern California Cease Fire. “There have been several dozen murders of African Americans who have died at the hands of another African American in L.A. County this year. But BLM is never there to help or show concern.”

Black Lives Matter activists have been involved in protests concerning Ezell Ford, the young African American who was unarmed and killed by Los Angeles police last August. But the Ford shooting was protested by numerous activists and organizations, ranging from the National Action Network under the leadership of Rev K.W. Tulloss to the Los Angeles Urban League and its CEO Nolan Rollins.

Those leaders have all spoken out against and been at the forefront of protesting what they felt was unjust violence by LAPD officers. And to their credit, civil rights groups and other leaders such as Pastor William Smart of the SCLC, Earl Ofari Hutchinson of the LA Urban Policy Roundtable and the grassroots group Southern California Ceasefire are there when any African American is unjustly killed by police or gang members. I guess Black Lives Matter only care about black lives when they are killed by white police officers.

A Los Angeles judge has ordered comedian Bill Cosby to give a deposition in a Los Angeles sex abuse lawsuit by a woman who says she was molested as a 15-year old at the Playboy Mansion by Cosby.

Cosby will be interviewed under oath Oct 9. This is my last word on this Cosby controversy. Cosby did this to himself. He admitted in a prior court deposition that he procured drugs to use to have sex with young women. So please stop with this whole conspiracy theory.

Cosby deliberately placed himself in a position of high quality, moral standards that told the black communities who they should be, while at the same time he was lying to his wife, family, fans and the entire black race.

I grew up watching and loving the Cosby show. But Cosby in my opinion is a liar and serial rapist. I’m not about to show any support or concern for him. My concern is for what really happened to Sandra Bland?

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