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NAJEE’S NOTES: Tapes prove Ronald Reagan was racist

I’m confident by now most of South L.A. and African Americans nationally have heard the racist taped conversation by former Presidents Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan. But I always say what are we going to about injustice?

This is our response.

A coalition of Los Angeles civil rights leaders have announced a petition campaign calling for California Gov. Gavin Newsom to remove Ronald Reagan’s name from a downtown Los Angeles state office building due to Reagan being a confirmed racist whose derogatory and racist comments towards black people was recently released in an audio recording.

Our coalition of civil rights leaders believes that it’s no longer appropriate, if it ever was, to honor Reagan who many African Americans believed was racist, but we now have indisputable evidence. Reagan’s words exposed what blacks already knew — that he was a racist of the worst kind.

When you hear the tape of Reagan stating, “To see those . . . monkeys from those African countries — damn them, they’re still uncomfortable wearing shoes,” it’s just a confirmation that Donald Trump isn’t the first white supremacist to be president.

Not only was Reagan a racist in his words, look at his track record as governor of California, when he attempted to destroy the Black Panther Party, and his public policy as president.

Reagan dismantled and slashed funding for Aid to Families with Dependent Children, housing assistance programs, Medicaid, the Work Incentive program, the food stamp program, and after-school-program funding.

According to the Congressional Budget Office, “Of the 450,000 to 500,000 families with earnings estimated to be receiving AFDC at the time of the [1981 program] changes, about one-half are estimated to have lost eligibility because of those changes.”

Reagan wasn’t just a racist against black people with his words, his public policy helped destroy black and brown families. Gov. Newsom shouldn’t ignore or condone racism by previous governors, we don’t care who they are. Newsom should consider naming the state office building, which has a diverse and multicultural workforce in it, after a more fitting Californian who brought people together such as former Lt. Gov. Mervyn Dymally, former Mayor Tom Bradley, labor activists Cesar Chavez or Dolores Huetra.

California should follow the lead of southern states that have removed the names of monuments of racist leaders from their sordid past history. Locally, in July 2015 the Long Beach school board had the courage and conviction to remove the name of Robert E. Lee , a confederate commander from an elementary  school.

It’s never to late to stop honoring leaders with racist views. Reagan is no different than any other white supremacist. A racist is racist who should never be honored.

Everyone is welcome to attend our press conference Aug. 9 at 11 a.m. outside the Ronald Reagan State Building 300 S. Spring St. in downtown Los Angeles.


Aug. 15 is Nipsey Hussle’s birthday. A chain link fence is now surrounding the strip mall where Hussle was tragically slain earlier this year.

There have been controversial reports by mainstream newspapers reporting that Hussle was under LAPD investigation at the time of his murder. I can personally tell you the reports are false and misleading.

Nipsey was never under LAPD investigation. His business partner and those close around him were.

In fact, the LAPD raided Nipsey’s grandmother’s home in October 2018, but it had nothing to do with Nipsey. Nipsey’s business partner, David Gross, co-owner of the strip mall with Hussle has now gone public with his battle with L.A. City Attorney Mike Feuer stating that the city attorney and cops were coming after him. I believe Gross, he has the receipts to prove it with a signed letter from the city attorney’s office but to try and include Hussle’s name in this is disingenuous at best.

I have talked with several high-ranking LAPD officials who have all stated to me on the record that Hussle was never the target of the LAPD or under investigation but those close to him and his business partner Gross were always the target.

Anyone stating that Hussle was a target of the LAPD only help his alleged killer, Eric Holder, who’s lawyer has tried to smear Hussle’s name with those lies, as if he deserved to die.

Hussle was a true champion for his people and our community. It dishonors his legacy and family by repeating the false media information that was put out there concerning Hussle being investigated by the LAPD.

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