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New parking phone app expands to Venice, Hollywood

LOS ANGELES — A smartphone app that guides drivers to open parking spaces is being expanded to Venice and Hollywood.

The ParkMe app will give real-time data on the hours, costs and availability of 800 parking spots in Venice and 900 parking spots in Hollywood. The app is also in use in the city of Santa Monica.

The app was created by Santa Monica-based ParkMe in collaboration with Xerox and uses data provided by the Los Angeles Department of Transportation.

“From sensor-based infrastructures to proprietary algorithmic models, we are looking forward to a deeper expansion that will bring intelligent parking solutions to an even wider audience throughout the nation,” ParkMe Chief Operating Officer and co-founder Alex Israel said.

“With success in Las Vegas, Miami Beach, and Austin, ParkMe is creating a streamlined city traffic model by empowering drivers with smart information,” he said.

David Cummins, senior vice president of Xerox, said “this solution goes beyond just making parking easier.”

“The ability for people to access up-to-the-minute information cuts emissions and helps cities improve traffic flow,” he said.

The ParkMe app is one of several similar apps — including Parker and Parkmobile — now available to drivers in Los Angeles, city officials said. It adds to the coverage area of the LA Express Park program, which uses parking meter sensors, offers real-time parking data and sets prices based on demand in a 4.5 square mile area in downtown Los Angeles.

“ParkMe is one tool in a growing toolbox of technology-driven projects that are making parking easier in L.A.,” said Councilman Mike Bonin, who chairs the council’s Transportation Committee and represents Venice on the council.

“I’m excited to see Parkme help people find spots in Venice, which will save drivers a headache and will reduce traffic in neighborhoods when people no longer need to circle the block looking for a spot,” he said.

Information about the app can be found at city.