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NO LAUGHING MATTER: U.S. Rep. Karen Bass guests on ‘Daily Show With Trevor Noah’

WASHINGTON — It wasn’t fun and games that brought U.S. Rep. Karen Bass to “The Daily Show With Trevor Noah” on Comedy Central Jan. 6.

The Los Angeles congresswoman, who also serves as chair of the Congressional Black Caucus, chose Noah’s nightly show to discuss what the Congressional Black Caucus does as well as current events involving Iran and the Democratic presidential primary during an 11-minute interview.

The main message of Bass’s appearance was the future of both the Congressional Black Caucus and the Democratic Party in 2020. She also expressed her hope that President Donald Trump would be removed from office, if not through impeachment, then through next November’s election.

Noah asked Bass how she will address black voters. He brought up the concern that black voters whose concerns are largely ignored until election time may respond by not voting at all.

Bass responded that one of the goals of the caucus in 2020 is to inform black voters that their vote does help the caucus continue its efforts.

“I think one of our weaknesses as the Black Caucus is, we really haven’t spent enough time telling people, ‘These are the things we got done,’” Bass said. “We got $40 million for historically black colleges, we’ve been able to do all of these things. So it’s my responsibility as a member of Congress to make sure that people understand, this is why you vote.”

Bass said one of the upcoming efforts of the caucus is to conduct a summit.

“We’re bringing leaders together from around the country in a few weeks to talk about 2020 as a do-or-die year,” Bass said. “If we get it wrong, we are going to screw up this place for the next two generations.”

Bass also spoke on the current Democratic presidential primary, and the importance of Democrats joining together behind one candidate.

“If we have a choice, it might not be your favorite choice as to who wins the nomination, but look at what’s at risk,” she said. “The Supreme Court, the federal judges, all of the agencies that {Trump] appointed cabinet secretaries so that they would go in and destroy the agencies. There is too much at risk.”

Bass also tried to shed light on the current Iran situation and how little Congress knows about the strike against top Iranian Gen. Qassem Soleimani.

“You know, they bring members of Congress in for a top secret briefing and they tell us all the goods. They don’t even have that planned. So we really don’t know what went on, and that’s what makes it so scary.”

She pointed out that it’s hard to guess the intentions of a president who has lied many times, and who has not given a reason for the strike beyond a vague imminent threat.

Bass also drew on her experience with the House Foreign Affairs Committee to point out how the foreign outlook on America has changed.

“People laugh at us,” she told Noah. “I go around the world, how can I say anything about corruption in another country? How can I tell an African leader, ‘oh, don’t appoint your son.’ [Trump’s] got his whole family there.”