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Santa Fe Springs approves lease with nursery

SANTA FE SPRINGS — The City Council has approved a five-year lease agreement with owners of Horizon Nursery, allowing them to expand their operation on the southwest corner of Cedardale Drive and Telegraph Road.

City Manager Thaddeus McCormack said the nursery is owned by longtime city residents Mr. and Mrs. Rafael Rosalez, who lease an adjoining .property at 9919 Cedardale Drive from Southern California Edison.

McCormack said the couple wishes to expand onto the adjoining 1.67 acre site owned by the city.

Rent was set at $380 a month, which is consistent with rent charged by Edison, McCormack said.

Public Works Director Noe Negrete noted that the city purchased the site, formerly owned by the Rio Hondo Council of Camp Fire Girls, in May 1991. Mr. and Mrs. Rosalez leased the Edison site in September 1999.

Conditions of the lease require the nursery owners to repair the roof of a restroom building on the site, at an estimated cost of $8,000. However, that amount will be deducted from the couple’s rental fees, Negrete said.

He noted that leasing of the site allows the use of an isolated vacant parcel that might be a nuisance attraction, and permits the expansion of a business.