Culver City Edition

School district hashtag contest pays for winners

CULVER CITY — As part of its continuing effort to involve parents, teachers, students and the community in the positive aspects of social media, the Culver City Unified School District and the Culver City Centennial Committee have announced $1,600 in awards through the district’s Hashtag Contest.

Using the #Culverpride hashtag, teachers, students, parents and staff have spent the 2016-17 school year posting things happening in Culver City schools on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and more.

The use of the hashtag has helped bolster school and community culture and allowed millions of people to learn more about the district’s academics, athletics, arts and activities.

“There is a right way and a wrong way to use social media,” district Superintendent Josh Arnold said. “In the district, we’re not afraid of social media. Rather, we want to engage everyone involved with our schools and use these platforms to share ideas, talk about events and, yes, have fun. Sharing and spreading our culture is what this is all about.”

Winners selected by the hashtag committee received cash prizes of between $50 and $500 and were recognized at an awards ceremony on March 21 at Culver City Middle School.

Honored at the event were: Culver City High School student Layla Akbar-Grant, $50; Culver City Middle School student Sara Takami, $50; William Mitchell, a parent of students at Culver City Middle School and El Rincon Elementary, $50; Kelley Miller, a parent of a Culver City Middle School student, $50; Isabel Parra, a Culver City High School student, $100; Bailey LeVine, a Culver City High School student, $100; Victoria Zerpoli, a member of the staff at Culver City Middle School, $100; Andrea Garcia, a Culver City High School student, $100; Linda Carpenter, a teacher at El Rincon Elementary School, $250; Culver City Cheer, a student group at Culver City High School, $250; and Stacey Thompson, a teacher at Farragut Elementary School, who won the grand prize of $500.