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SHAQ ON SPORTS: Cavaliers try to avoid the sweep

By Shaquita Newton

Contributing Writer

The NBA Finals are underway and as many of us predicted, the Golden State Warriors have jumped out to a lead in the series against the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They are now heading to Cleveland to attempt to close out this series in what could be superstar LeBron James’ first time being swept. Will the Cavaliers actually get swept? I say no but there are many things that will have to go their way for them to try and make this a real competitive series.

One things the Cavs have going for them is the fact that they have the best player in the world in James and we know he will do everything in his power to put his teammates in the best position to be successful. The dilemma comes when he does everything like we know he can and his teammates do not show up.

With the Cavaliers now playing at home, their crowd can provide a form of extra energy if the game starts to get out of hand. That energy is important as it helps to boost confidence in players to make shots on the offensive end of the court and that confidence transforms to the defensive end as well.

The first two games in Oakland exposed some vulnerabilities in the Warriors. They are simply not as deep or as disciplined as they have been in the past years. But they are still a very talented team and the question is are the Cavaliers talented enough or disciplined enough to capitalize off the mistakes the Warriors may make.

They came pretty close in game one but they had to be just about perfect and they still lost that game. So you would still have to give the credit to Golden State while in the midst of their unfocused or undisciplined play on the court they managed to pull through with the win.

They have only become more focused and more disciplined since game one because they feel like they allowed too much confidence to spill through the Cavaliers players. They will need to continue to stay focused for each game if they intend on closing out this season with a finals sweep.

To avoid the sweep, the Cavaliers will have to be better all around. They’re a whopping 19-for-64 from three point land so far in this series and that is only 29.7 percent.

While James is averaging 40 points on 55.8 percent shooting, 10.5 assists and 8.5 rebounds so far in the series, it may appear the Warriors are not in control but we know what James is capable of. It is the “others” that we are concerned about.

Who will decide to show up with James on any given night? That has been the main problem with the Cavaliers. They got past the Boston Celtics with no other player on the team averaging 15 points in the series but the Warriors are not the Celtics. They will not get by this team with James being the super human player that he is and getting inconsistency from other key players.

This Warriors team is too good to allow that. All the Cavaliers have to be great to avoid the sweep or have a chance at winning.

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