SHAQ ON SPORTS: Is Patriots’ dynasty over?

February 9, 2018

The NFL season ended when the Philadelphia Eagles defeated the New England Patriots to win Super Bowl LII, 41-33.

Though Tom Brady was at his legendary best, the Patriots could not pull out a win against the tough Eagles. The Eagles emerged as champions in a wildly entertaining game, riding the coat tails of fill-in quarterback Nick Foles. Foles played like a Hall of Famer.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson managed to out-coach arguably the best head coach of all time, Bill Belichick.

Pederson somehow made everything work and managed to put a major Super Bowl-sized dent into the greatest dynasty in the history of the NFL.

“A lot of people counted us out,” Pederson said of a season in which Foles took over for injured standout star quarterback, Carson Wentz, in December.

Brady did his part to try to win his sixth Super Bowl by throwing for a Super Bowl record 505 yards and a trio of second-half touchdowns.

It was a frantic game in which the two teams combined for 1,151 yards of total offense, breaking the Super Bowl mark in that category by the end of the third quarter.

Now the Patriots will try to regroup after this tough Super Bowl loss and the loss of their defensive coordinator, Matt Patricia, who has officially become the head coach for the Detroit Lions.

Offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels has decided not to take the head coaching position for the Indianapolis Colts. That is shocking news being that everyone was thinking the Patriots would lose both of their coordinators to head coaching positions.

While Brady has declared that he wants to play football until he is 44 or 45 years old, the Patriots starting tight end, Rob Gronkowski, was asked after the game if he was coming back to play next season and his reply left the door wide open for us to speculate the possibility of him retiring.

While the Patriots have a number of things to think about, the Eagles have a major issue on their hands. What will they do with Foles, the guy who stepped in and won the Super Bowl for the city of Philadelphia?

Will they keep him as their back-up quarterback, being secure in the fact that they have a reliable backup in case something should happen again to Wentz or will they shop him to another team while his stock is extremely high to receive some assets for the team?

This will definitely be interesting to watch in the future.


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