Opinion Street Beat

‘Should fireworks be illegal throughout L.A. County?’


Kenisha Hudson

Los Angeles 

“I think inner-city fireworks are not ideal. They pose a threat to the safety of the individual lighting them, if they’re not a professional. In its proper place, fireworks are amazing.”

Valiyah Basailous

Culver City 

“It depends on where they’re done. I appreciate it when they’re done in the proper places. … There’s always a destination that you can get to that’s close to your house that will allow you to view them.”

Wo’se Kofi

Leimert Park

“ … I don’t really believe you should play with fire. One time when I was younger, I lit firecrackers into the middle of the street and it shot into our neighbor’s house and the tree next to it caught on fire. … I haven’t played with fireworks since.”

Perry Coleman

St. Louis

“I think that they shouldn’t be illegal. If people want to enjoy themselves and have fun that way, then it’s OK. It’s not a big thing. I did it when I was a kid.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon and Pluria Marshall III at Leimert Park Village.