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‘Should Kevin Hart be allowed to host the Oscars?’-STREET BEAT

Aldo Rivas


“Yes, he should. He’s a great host and actor. We’re in 2018, it shouldn’t bother people. They should know how to distinguish a character from a person.”

Angie Keaton

Los Angeles

“I think he should do it because he apologized in the beginning and they want him to apologize again. … He’s the number one person in showbiz right now.”

Carl Williams

Los Angeles

“Yes, he will bring humor to the Oscars and he’ll bring a spontaneous and outgoing attitude which it takes to be a host.”

L.C. Harmon

Los Angeles

“Absolutely, he’s a great candidate. Everyone has an opinion about views they have in life, but still this is America and everyone has their opinion. He will be a great addition to the show.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in the Crenshaw District.