Opinion Street Beat

‘Should school start later in the day to help students learn more?’


Jimin Shin

San Diego

“I feel I’m old school. I don’t feel earlier times is asking too much of children. I’m fine with schools requiring students to wake up a little early.”

Brian Sanders

Van Nuys

“I think they should, especially if you have to travel to the school. … It is harder for students to get themselves to school and then they have to prepare themselves to do class in the morning.”

David Dixon


“I believe so. If students want to get out here and see what it’s really like in the real world, they need to get up early.”

Rurstrm Sokolov


“Yeah, it’s a good idea. Thirty minutes or one hour more to prepare breakfast or to get an Uber. Students do homework, then need to sleep more hours.”

Compiled by Kristina Dixon in Koreatown.