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SIMPLY JESSICA: Actor Diego Velazquez loves horror movies

Diego Velazquez is a 15-year-old teen actor who sees himself as a walking horror movie. He loves horror video games. His favorite horror movies are “The Conjuring” and “Sinister.”

The horror lover loves to scare anyone that he can in his real life.

He is always looking for the chance to play a scary practical joke on someone.

Velazquez’s love for horror began when he was 8. He would read magazines that described how makeup was used to create a monster and zombie look in the movies.

“I never got scared of it because I knew that it was makeup,” he said. “I am still fascinated by special effects and anything that is scary.”

His dream role is to play a scary character in a movie.

Until that scary role comes around, Velazquez is now playing Billy on Nickelodeon’s “The Thundermans.” He plays a teen super-hero.

“Billy is in his own little world,” Velazquez said. “He’s not all the way there. He sometimes doesn’t understand things. He is his own best friend. I am like Billy in a lot of ways. He is geeky and loyal like me.”

He points out what makes Billy different from him.

“We are not similar in that he is a superhero,” Velazquez said. ”I am not a superhero but I wish that I was. If I were a superhero, then I would want to be able to teleport or shape shift.

This science lover enjoys playing video games with his friends, especially Grand Theft Auto.

“I like to play Grand Theft Auto because a lot of my friends and cousins own it,” he said. “I talk to them as we play the game.”

He uses the video game as a bonding opportunity to hang out with his friends and family. His shooting schedule keeps him busy so his time is limited to see his friends and family.

He loves any song that allows him to hang out with his friends so they can jam out together.

“My friends and I love to go outside and ride our skateboard,” Velazquez said. “We play football and basketball together.”

He loves being outside with his friends every chance he gets.

“I love to do things that get my heart moving,” he added. “I enjoy watching scary movies with my friends. It is so much fun.”

Another thing Velazquez wants to do with his friends is learn to surf.

His favorite subjects in school are physical education, English and science.

“I like science because I like learning about space,” he said. “I like the galaxies. I’m a huge “Star Wars” fan. My dog has a “Star Wars” tag.”

Diego Velasquez is a 'Star Wars' fan who likes horror movies and playing Grand Theft Auto. (Photo by Bill Miller)
Diego Velasquez is a ‘Star Wars’ fan who likes horror movies and playing Grand Theft Auto. (Photo by Bill Miller)

This “Star Wars” lover wants to travel to Costa Rica, Hawaii, Las Vegas, United Kingdom and Mexico. His mom married his stepfather in Las Vegas when he was 8 years old. He loved it there and now wants to go there with his friends to hang out.

Velasquez was born in Portland. He lived there until he was 10. He has been in Los Angeles for the past four years pursuing his Hollywood dreams.

“It is beautiful in Portland,” he said. “Everything is so green. You have all the trees you can imagine are there. I like the fresh air. You can drink the tap water. You can drink it and it’s good for you.”

He misses Portland but loves his Hollywood life.

His favorite colors are red and black.

His favorite food is salmon and tuna sushi.

He also loves calamari and miso soup.

“I will not eat cottage cheese,” he said. “I can’t stress it enough.”

He is passionate about raising awareness on medical conditions for children. Cancer and cerebral palsy are close to his heart.

“One of my best friends who is now 14 had leukemia,” Velazquez said. “She survived it. I had another friend who died from cerebral palsy.

Velazquez describes himself as funny, outgoing and fun to be around.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m bragging about myself,” he said.

This animal lover is passionate about all animals but loves dogs, cats, hippos and wolves. He loves animals because you can play with them.

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