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SIMPLY JESSICA: Aeriel Miranda talk about her outlook on life

Aeriel Miranda is a 24-year-old actress who wants to be a part of as many amazing biopic films as she can. She loves telling a story that actually happened in life. It is a magical experience to her.

It comes as no surprise that Miranda is looking forward to the upcoming Tupac Shakur movie that is due out soon.

“I’m a huge fan of hip-hop,” Miranda said. “I love Tupac.”

Miranda was thrilled to be a part of the hip-hop movie “Straight Outta Compton” that was about the rise of legendary hip-hop group NWA. The movie showed the group’s struggles as young men and how NWA translated their experiences into their music and lyrics. She played Lavetta in the movie.

Lavetta is the mother of Dr. Dre’s first child in the movie.

“The relationship is about Dre before success,” Miranda said. “Me and my daughter represent the struggle that he encounters. The audience sees the sacrifices that NWA dealt with on the rise to fame.”

The Texas native was thrilled to be a part of the movie.

“I wanted to be a part of the movie in anyway that I could,” Miranda said. “I wasn’t attached to whom I would play in the movie. I initially went in to be Eazy E’s girlfriend.”

She had a good audition but Jason Mitchell, who plays Eazy E, was shorter than Miranda who stands at 5-10. She thinks her height made the casting team pick a different role for her.

“Since I was taller than the actor that played Eazy E, it didn’t work out so I was offered the role of Dr. Dre’s girlfriend,” Miranda said.

“I don’t think that Lavetta was in the first script. It was written in.”

“You see Lavetta’s energy for sure in the few scenes that she has,” Miranda said. “It was difficult putting myself in that time period.”

It was the rawness and honesty that Miranda enjoyed about the film.

She was an Ice Cube fan prior to working on the film.

“I have a list of my favorite people in the world and Ice Cube is on the list,” Miranda said. “He is a genuine person. He is such a cool guy. What you see is who he is.”

Her favorite song by NWA is “Straight Outta Compton.”

“That song embodies the energy of NWA when they first started,” she added. “It shows their energy. It is all in that one song.”

Miranda is a huge hip- hop fan. She considers herself well versed in the arena. But the hip-hop lover learned details from the movie that she didn’t know about the group.

“Eazy E passed away when I was born,” she added. “This movie allowed me to understand more of their persona. I didn’t know everything that Cube went through. A lot of things made sense.”

Miranda was able to learn why the group wrote the lyrics they wrote.

“You can imagine what NWA went through with the police but to see it on film,” Miranda said. “It was a build-up for certain lyrics.”

Miranda learned this same lesson from watching the Amy Winehouse documentary and the James Brown documentary.

It was those documentaries that allowed her to see how music is recycled. She sees the similarity to Jay Z music with Biggie Smalls.

Miranda does not get star-struck but she does get excited.

Michael Jackson and Prince are the only two celebrities that she would have gotten star-struck about.

A musical theater lover, Miranda is living to inspire. She is not trying to be anything more or less than who she is.

“If I am living for me and doing what I love to do and expressing myself to the fullest then that is naturally going to inspire people,” she added. “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

She hates it when people say they want to change the world.

“You can’t change the world but you can inspire it,” Miranda said.

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