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SIMPLY JESSICA: Arjun Gupta talks about SyFy’s ‘The Magicians’

Arjun Gupta describes Syfy’s “The Magicians” as Harry Potter for adults. The television show is about six magicians that embark on a magical education as they learn about themselves through magic.

“Magic plays the backdrop through which you tell a story about people,” Gupta said. “It’s a human journey of finding themselves and along the way there are beasts and creatures.”

Gupta plays Penny, one of the gifted magicians who is able to travel thru dimensions. In season one, Penny is reluctant to use magic.

“Penny is struggling with voices that he hears and thinks that magic might be the way to get a solution for it,” Gupta said. “He is a lone wolf. … Being a part of a community is hard for him.”

Season two allows viewers to see Penny rely on people.

“You get to see different sides and colors to Penny in this season,” Gupta added. “Penny is a fabulous character. He is so unapologetic about how he feels. I’m enjoying watching him grow.”

Gupta didn’t know about the book series that the show is based on until he auditioned in fall 2014. He didn’t want to read the books because he feared it might mess up him in the audition room.

He waited until he got the role before he read the books.

“I’m now a huge fan of the books,” Gupta added.

Gupta’s mother and father were born in India. The family came to the United States in the late 1970s. He has two older sisters that often call him to tell him what they thought of the most recent episode.

It’s the sense of childlike wonder that Gupta loves about magic.

“If we can stay more open about the world around us then the world would be a kinder and gentler place,” Gupta said. “I think that right now we are in a space where we are scared and fear is leading to people losing touch with their humanity. Magic can be a spear that breaks that bubble that makes you say this is amazing. I want more of that to be possible. Hopefully the world will find that really soon.”

Gupta made his television debut on Showtime’s “Nurse Jackie.”

He is passionate about service and art that can impact change.

Gupta has a theater company called Ammunition Theatre Company.

Season two of “The Magicians” airs on Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on Syfy.

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