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SIMPLY JESSICA: Austin Fryberger talks about his love of dogs

Austin Fryberger was 13 years old when his first dog, Rumpus, died. His second dog was named Grace.

Grace had been in the family for three years when she attracted a stray dog that followed her home on a routine walk.

On an ordinary day, Fryberger’s mother was walking Grace when a stray dog started following them. The golden retriever was a cute dog that had no home and no owner. So the Frybergers took him in.

The family named the dog Duke. Duke stayed in their garage for two weeks before he would officially become their dog. Duke was shy when you petted him and he would back away like crazy.

Fryberger said that when he took Duke for a walk that Duke would do his business by a bush because he didn’t want anyone to see.

“One time Duke pooped in our garage,” Fryberger said. “He found some newspaper in the garage and he covered the poop so you wouldn’t see it. He was the most caring dog I’ve ever had.”

Austin Fryberger
Austin Fryberger

Duke lived with the family for four years before he died of cancer.

The 21-year-old actor is no longer living with his family in Huntsville, Alabama. He is still a dog lover.

He does not currently have a dog.

He has played a slew of boyfriend roles in the past, but his favorite role so far was playing Pearly Todd on Disney’s “Kirby Buckets.”

His favorite thing about Alabama is the hiking trails.

“Alabama has beautiful trails that overlook the whole city,” Fryberger said. “There is a hill that separates Huntsville in the middle. It was awesome to see both sides of Huntsville.”

He has two older brothers. He loves reading mysteries and suspense.

His favorite color is green and his favorite food is crab legs.

His favorite subject in high school was social studies.

He is fascinated by the world around him.

He would love to play the voice of a donkey in an animated show.

His dream role is to play a gangster.

“The way that Hollywood portrays gangsters appeals to me,” Fryberger said. “It would be great to get in the mind of a drug lord or a gangster. Yhat world is interesting and mind-boggling to me.”

His favorite television show is a Netflix show called “Narcos,” which follows the rise and fall of Colombian kingpin Pablo Escobar.

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