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SIMPLY JESSICA: Cayden Williams talks about his future acting plans

Cayden Williams was a year old when Michael Jackson died in June 2009. Eight years later, Williams spends each evening trying to do the signature dance moonwalk that made Jackson a superstar.

“I like how Michael Jackson danced,” Williams said. “It is tough to get the moonwalk right but I keep trying. I love Michael Jackson’s music.”

This third grader has channeled his dance moves into an acting career.

It all began on a simple afternoon when Williams was sitting in his Louisiana home watching a wrestling match. He had no idea at the start of the match that by the end of the match he would be a changed child.

“I watched The Rock’s last wrestling match,” Williams said. “He was retiring from wrestling so he could be an actor full time. I thought he was such a good actor when I saw him in a movie. I talked to God and I prayed that I hope that I can be just like The Rock one day, an athlete and an actor.”

Williams made his feature film debut in “Beautifully Broken.”

His second film was “Girls Trip.” The movie was produced by Will Packer and Malcolm D. Lee.

It stars Jada Pinkett Smith, Queen Latifah, Regina Hall and Kate Walsh. It was on this film that Williams received acting advice from Pinkett Smith that he uses in his everyday acting career.

“Jada acted like my momma in real life,” he added. “She told me to have faith in me, to push myself to believe in myself everywhere that I go and to keep that voice in my mind. Jada helped me see that I could be anything.”

Cayden Williams

Williams plays basketball with the Saint Gabriel Tigers & Woodlawn Panthers basketball team. His favorite basketball player is Anthony Davis.

Williams natural ability to be an entertainer does not surprise his mother.

“I knew something was special about Cayden when he was born,” Chavon Bell-Williams said. “His special talent was shown to me when he was 4 months old. I was at my mother’s memorial service and we were all sad about my mother passing away. Cayden took over the service with his smile which made everyone go from sad to happy.”

Jason Williams and Chavon Bell-Williams said Cayden stood out as a kid.

“Cayden was really sociable in public,” Chavon Bell-Williams said. “I knew whatever Cayden did in life that it would be big but I didn’t know that it would be so soon. I was hesitant about putting him into acting but he was so adamant about it. I’m so proud of him in everything that he does as an actor. He is also on the honor roll every quarter. He gets along really well with his two brothers. He is just great all around.”

Cayden plans to dress up like Roman Reigns for Halloween.

“I love Halloween,” Williams said. “It’s the only time of year that I get to scare people. I’m super excited about dressing up like a wrestler.”

Williams manager said Cayden will soon be a busy young man.

“Cayden is excited for the upcoming pilot season,” Jane Watson said. “He will be looking to be busy in Los Angeles in 2018 and he is excited. He would love to work with the cast and crew from “Girls Trip” again.”

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