SIMPLY JESSICA: Cedric ‘The Entertainer’ talks about his friend, Charlie Murphy

April 14, 2017

Cedric “The Entertainer” was left speechless April 12 when he heard that his friend Charlie Murphy had died in a New York City hospital after a long struggle with leukemia.

Charlie was the older brother of actor Eddie Murphy. He was 57. He co-wrote Eddie Murphy’s movie “Norbit” and co-starred in “Black Jesus” and “The Boondocks.”

He recently toured with Cedric, Eddie Griffin, George Lopez and D.L. Hugley on The Comedy Get Down.

“It’s a very sad day today, and there are really no words to express the loss,” Cedric said. “Charlie Murphy was a friend, a brother and a treasured partner-in-comedy. We shared unforgettable fun times together traveling the globe on tour with George (Lopez), D.L. (Hughley) and Eddie (Griffin). We got to know him. We admired and loved him.

“His great laugh, his rock-star style, his aggressive straight-shooting personality. … The vivid and outrageous stories he told about his real life that always had us on the edge of our seats laughing in disbelief and begging him to tell just one more. Those will be forever cherished memories.

“I’m honored to have walked beside him during such a fruitful and yet challenging time in his life,” Cedric added. “I’m especially glad that we were all able to say the things to him that people need to say to each other in life which is so full of swift transitions — life can change in an instant — and it did just that today.

“I send my prayers of support and warmest thoughts to his family and loved ones who always came first in his life. Charlie, we will hold your memory close in our hearts, we will continue to hold your slot on stage, and we will miss you always.”

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