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SIMPLY JESSICA: Ellery Sprayberry talks about her dream role

Ellery Sprayberry dreams of a role as a vampire with her older brother Dylan, who plays Liam Dunbar on MTV’s “Teen Wolf.”

The 15-year-old actress thinks it would be fun to be a bad vampire that lives for a million years. She loves anything with horror in it.

“Dylan and I could be a brother-and-sister vampire team,” she said.

Dylan is two years older than Ellery. The two are very close.

“Dylan is an awesome brother,” Sprayberry said.

Ellery and Dylan are from Texas. Dylan did some modeling for print ads as a child in Houston. The casting director told Dana (Ellery and Dylan’s mother) that she should bring Ellery to auditions as it would be cute to work with a brother-and-sister team.

Ellery and Dylan’s father, Carl, made a home video of 6-year-old Ellery saying that she wanted to be an actress. A week after making the video the family packed their bags in Houston and moved to California. Ellery and Dylan both miss their Houston family.

Sprayberry laughs at the thought of playing a princess in a movie.

“I’m really into horror,” Sprayberry said. “I’ve never wanted to be a princess like most girls might dream of being one. It’s just not me.”

The 10th grader loves to eat watermelon and sushi.

Her favorite subjects in school are science and math.

“Once you understand math, it can be fun,” Sprayberry said. “Science is interesting and you learn so much about things.”

Actress Ellery Sprayberry likes horror movies and would like to make a movie with her brother, Dylan Sprayberry. (Photo by Lesley Bryce)
Actress Ellery Sprayberry likes horror movies and would like to make a movie with her brother, Dylan Sprayberry. (Photo by Lesley Bryce)

The horror addict loves listening to any song by the Rolling Stones and the Beatles. She loves listening to classic rock with her dad.

“My dad loves the Beatles and the Rolling Stones,” Sprayberry said. “We listen to a lot of those old songs together. I really enjoy it.”

She describes herself as down to earth, sweet and responsible.

Her favorite movie is “The Sandlot” because it has baseball in it.

Sprayberry collects baseball caps. She recently went to London and Paris and made sure to buy a baseball cap from both places. She hopes to collect as many baseball caps as she can.

“I like collecting baseball caps because they are fun to wear,” Sprayberry said. “You also get to have them for the rest of your life.”

It is actor Tom Hardy’s career that Sprayberry admires.

“Tom Hardy has played so many different roles,” Sprayberry said. “He is amazing in everything that he does. I was such a fan of him as Bane in “The Dark Knight.” I am obsessed with that movie.”

The former gymnast also looks up to actress Jennifer Lawrence.

“I love any movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone in it,” Sprayberry added. “I’m also a huge fan of Johnny Depp. He is my dream actor that I hope to work with one day in my career.”

Until that super scary horror vampire film role comes Sprayberry’s way, she enjoys cooking with her grandmother and baking cakes.

“My grandma is an amazing chef,” Sprayberry said. “She teaches me new recipes. We cook a lot together. It is so much fun to cook.”

Sprayberry’s dream role with her brother is to play a bad vampire, but her dream role to play is a character that has schizophrenia.

She knows that it would be a challenging role to take on.

“It would be hard to play, but a good role to play,” Sprayberry said.

The other exciting project that she hopes to do with her brother in the future is to raise awareness on autism and cerebral palsy.

“I have a brother in a wheelchair who has cerebral palsy,” Sprayberry said. “Dylan and I plan to raise awareness on that in the future.”

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