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SIMPLY JESSICA: ‘Emerald City’ star Mido Hamada talks about his role

Mido Hamada was born in Egypt and raised in Germany. His mother moved to Germany with him as a child.

He spent 26 years in Germany. He then went to drama school in England. He is an actor who is often mistakenly identified as Japanese.

“Both my names could be Japanese,” he said.

Hamada spent 10 years in the UK doing theatre. He is an international who that doesn’t like to get stuck in one market.

Hamada can be seen on NBC’s “Emerald City” directed by Tarsem Singh where he portrays Eamonn, the right-hand man of The Wizard.

“When we first meet Eamonn, The Wizard has taken over Oz,” Hamada said. “The Wizard has outlawed magic in favor of science.”

Eamonn has a problem with his moral compass and what The Wizard asks him to do. He is a father with a wife and three kids.

“As we get to know Eamonn, we will find out that he has a couple of secrets in his past,” Hamada said. “He’s very regretful of things that have occurred in his past. He is not as heartless as he first appears.”

It is the juxtaposing of his job and his family that makes Eamonn an interesting character to watch. He is not seen much in the beginning.

Mido Hamada
Mido Hamada

“He doesn’t start out the traditional way you think he would,” Hamada said. ”In this Oz, the characters are not black and white. These characters operate in shades of gray. There are no heroes and no villains. The Judy Garland version that I grew up watching is very different than the one we are telling. Our version is based on the book. It’s modernized and geared to an older audience.”

The 10-episode series is currently airing on NBC.

“The Wizard can’t go out and enforce the laws on the people so he has wizard guards to do that for him,” Hamada added. “I’m head of The Wizard Guards. Eamonn is loyal to The Wizard.”

Episode nine reveals the complicated relationship between the two.

Hamada was 8 years old when he first saw “The Wizard of Oz” in Germany.  But it was “The Wiz” that left a lasting expression on him.

“It was Michael Jackson playing the Scarecrow that left an impression on me,” he added. ”I was a huge Jackson Five fan.”

Hamada is not quick to pick a favorite character from Emerald City.

But if he had to pick – he would pick The Wicked Witch of the West.

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