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SIMPLY JESSICA: Forever in Your Mind talks about upcoming Disney show

Ricky Garcia sees himself as honest and trustworthy. He is a risk-taker who loves to relax by surfing. Surfing puts Garcia in the perfect mood.

Liam Attridge sees himself as a by the book guy. He is down to earth and smart. He loves to play video games and the guitar.

Emery Kelly sees himself as a cool guy who likes to travel. He is an adventure seeker who loves to explore.

The teen boys make up a band called Forever in Your Mind.

Forever in Your Mind will be appearing in a Disney television show called “Forever Boys.” It follows three brothers, played by Garcia, Attridge and Kelly. The story is about a boy band that was bitten by a vampire during their debut concert in 1957.

After living in the shadows for over half a century to keep their vampire identities a secret, they meet a music producer who convinces them to re-emerge as a vampire boy band. The boys will have to figure out how to become music stars as they breathe life into their music career while trying to live as normal teenagers.

The show is in the pre-production stage. No release date has been set.

The teen boys see the title of their band as their beautiful fans.

“My favorite car is a Mustang,” Garcia said. “I’m into muscle cars.”

Kelly is quick to admit that he is an adrenaline junkie.

“I like to take risks,” Kelly said. “My friends see me as Jell-O.”

Garcia and Attridge tease Kelly as he calls himself a piece of Jell-O.

The guys are from Long Island, New York and Texas.

One of the biggest challenges that the teen boys have had to overcome is finding the perfect album to release for their fans.

Each boy agrees that signing with Disney has been the highlight of their transition to Los Angeles. The boys favorite subjects are lunch, math and recess. They love to eat pizza.

The boys talk about raising awareness on medical conditions for children with cancer. Garcia is passionate about heart disease because high blood pressure runs in his family.

“My heart goes out to kids with Down Syndrome,” Attridge said.

”I want to raise awareness on what it is like to live with it and how the disease impacts the family and the parents.”

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