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SIMPLY JESSICA: Harper Winton talks about her modeling career

Harper Winton strode through the lower level of Forever 21, hoping no one would recognize her.

Not that she doesn’t love her fans, but today she was in a time squeeze.

The heavy traffic on Sunset Boulevard had made her late. She would have to rush to be ready to model the latest teen clothes at the Teen Fling show. She was obsessed with her designs.

She glanced over her shoulder, hoping her bodyguard was close by. Yep. Charlie Mink was chugging along right behind her.

Winton ducked into her store, Girls!  She’d modeled Girls! clothing for two years and yet she was still excited to wear the new clothes each season. But today’s mini preview of her new teen line would pale in comparison to the “Teen Fling” competition.

The winner of the Teen Fling would reign as the international youth model. Winton’s stomach growled, but she ignored the hunger pangs. There would be time enough for lunch after she made sure all the pieces were pressed and ready.

“Has my dress been delivered yet?” she asked her bodyguard.

Tina, the sales girl shook her head. Darn! Harper couldn’t wait to see it and try it on. It was coming from overseas, and she knew it would revolutionize the fashion industry.

This is the first short in a series of Harper Winton fashion shorts. More on the way.

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