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SIMPLY JESSICA: Hill Harper talks about his skin care line

Hill Harper could tell that he needed to follow a blue print to build the life that he wanted to live.

He knew the foundation of his life was his health. Harper, best known for his role on “CSI: New York,” has survived thyroid cancer.

He has to take a synthetic thyroid hormone for the rest of his life.

He has lost his father, grandfather and uncle to cancer.

In 2012, Harper served as a member of President Barack Obama’s Cancer Panel, a committee that monitored the development and execution of the activities of the National Cancer Program and reported directly to the president. He needed to make a difference on this panel.

It was his own diagnosis that pushed him to learn as much as he could about cancer. He listened attentively to each expert.

“What I started to find was what we put on our skin, you know our skin is our largest organ on our body and what we put on our skin we absorb into our system,” Harper said. “Our liver has to detoxify and deal with it and I found that 98 percent of the products have aluminum in them, have petroleum, which is oil, have parabens, which is preservatives that affect your endocrine system. Your liver has to deal with all of this and if your liver is so weighed down, dealing with all these things you’re putting in it, then it can’t detoxify.”

The information led Harper to using natural and organic products to put on his skin. He began to realize that he was paying a lot for those products. He began to ask himself if you are an average American and you get your skin care products from a major company such as Walgreens, Wal-Mart, Target or Amazon how damaging is the products to your body?

He challenged himself and a manufacturing company to come up with healthy skin products that have affordable prices. He came up with bethearchitect.com.

His collection contains H2L Natural Men’s Care Premium Hair & Body; H2L Natural Men’s Care Shave Set; and JUA Natural Hair & Body Care. They range from $38 to $65 and also are available by subscription.

“You have to remember that you have skin on top of your head by your brain,” Harper said. “You want to be healthy with the shampoo you use and the conditioner that you leave in your hair.”

Harper helped develop an after-shower body wash because he loves to put oil on his body after he showers.

“While I am still wet,” Harper said. “ I like to put oil on my body then dry off then put on my lotion. So we have after-shower oil and lotion for men and a shave kit that prevents bumps.”

Harper explains the names for his skin care line.

“JUA is Swahili and it means sun,” Harper said. “H2L is a play off my name because I have two (h) in my name and two (l). I like them both because it’s three symbols and they fit together well.”

Harper wants to enlighten the public about environmental toxins and environmental contaminants. He learned a lot from the different panelists that spoke about how toxins affect a body.

“If you put something that is not healthy on your body everyday from the day you were born such as petroleum jelly then your body has to deal with that and over time it attacks you and causes your body to break down,” Harper said. “Your health is the only thing that you have.

“It doesn’t matter how much money you have, nor the car you drive or how many likes you have on your Instagram account. None of that matters if you are not healthy and you are living in pain.

Harper sees healthy skin as a way to be successful.

“Being able to walk into a room where your skin is shiny and you are looking great and smelling good, Harper said. “You can achieve your goals better when you are more confident and my products give you that confidence.”

Harper says he created the skin care line because of his skin.

“People are always saying to me, ‘Hill, what do you use – you are always glowing,’” Harper said. “I just created what I use.”

Harper hopes people will take advantage of his subscription service.

“We are a subscription online seller,” Harper said. “My products make a great gift for a birthday, Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. You can give someone a year’s subscription to these products and they will think about you every time they get the product in the mail.”

To learn more about Harper’s skin care line, visit bethearchitect.com.

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